Proposed changes to FMMO milk pricing – soliciting member input

Many of you are aware of recent proposals being put forth by dairy organizations recommending changes to the Federal Milk Marketing Order.  SDDP has a seat at the table for several discussions surrounding proposed changes, including a participant role in a task force with a Midwest coalition comprised of Edge, DBA, MN Milk, ISDA, and the Nebraska State Dairy Associations.  We have snipped proposals from NMPF and a recent announcement from the Midwest group below.  Please note SD has not taken any official position on proposals and is seeking to gather input from the membership on this topic.  NMPF did make official request to USDA/AMS for a special hearing on their proposal, so feedback is important as things could develop quickly.  To this point no action has been taken by USDA on that request.

Members are encouraged to contact task force board members Michael Crinion, Marv Post or Allen Merrill with comments or opinions on either proposal below.  Members can also contact staff Tom Peterson with input.