Legislative Update

With the Legislative session in full swing,  SDDP continues to monitor introduced bills and follow through legislative process. We maintain communication with other groups within Ag Unity including SD Pork, SD Corn, SD Soybeans, SD Cattleman’s Association, and other resources to keep updated on bills impacting agriculture.

Bills of interest this session include those impacting agriculture land taxation, bills to enhance school funding via local project excise tax funding, and bills supporting the new agreement for SDSU/U of M Veterinary Medicine 2+2 program.

Specific bills include:

House Bill 1139

Repeal provisions regarding maximum taxes levied by a school district for capital outlay.

Bill failed in House 2/19/2019.

House Bill 1234

Provide funding to schools from the contractor’s excise tax on concentrated animal feeding operations.

Bill tabled in House Committee on Appropriations 2/20/2019.

House Bill 1141

Adjust certain maximum school district tax rates.

Bill defeated Taxation Committee 2/21/2019.

Senate Bill 43

Redirect funding to a collaborative program in rural veterinary medical education and to provide tax revenue for the support of veterinary students.

Bill currently in House of Representatives with status of “deferred to another day” pending as of 2/21/2019.

Senate Bill 2

Adjust for inflation the amount of the special education appropriation that may be set aside for extraordinary expenses.

Bill passed Joint Committee on Appropriations 2/22/2019.

On watch list as additional set aside could be property tax driven.

Resolution SCR 6

Urging the President of the United States to make agricultural exports a priority and protect agricultural products from all current and future tariffs.

Resolution failed in House of Representatives 2/13/2019.

Note: sentiment was intent was not the issue, but rather wording contained in the resolution .

February 25 is Crossover Day. All bills must have been acted on in the House of origin. The 2019 Legislative Session finishes on March 13.