Legislative Update

Specific bills include:

SB 68

Define certain acts as misbranding of food products (fake meat).

Bill moves to House of Representatives for approval this week.

Potential for addition of dairy products to bill which is now meat and poultry when bill is on House floor. Concern still surrounds that enforcement is real issue as existing legislation defines products, however; state has indicated enforcement  is not pro-active with marketers until complaint is brought forward.

House Bill 1191

Legalize the growth, production, and processing of industrial hemp and derivative products in the state.

Bill is pending in Senate awaiting an estimate on cost report.

One area of question or concern with the Bill for farmers would be liability if plants or parts of plants ended up in fields or property if not licensed to grow. Unintentional spread of plants would be concern if unsuspecting farmer subject to penalty.

SJR 12

Petitioning Congress and the United States Department of Agriculture to halt payments to JBS.

Resolution scheduled for hearing this week in Senate Ag and Natural Resources.

Concern indicated by SD Pork and others that participation in USDA program is voluntary and some processors abstain from participating. Eliminating JBS specifically would mean less supply removed from market and end result could be lessened impact from program intent.

Senate Bill 43

Redirect funding to a collaborative program in rural veterinary medical education and to provide tax revenue for the support of veterinary students.

Bill signed by Senate 2/28/2019.

Senate Bill 2

Adjust for inflation the amount of the special education appropriation that may be set aside for extraordinary expenses.

Bill failed in Senate 2/25/2019.

On watch list as additional set aside could be property tax driven.